Crowns and Bridges in Croydon

There are many reasons why you might require a dental restoration – from chips and cracks to loose or lost fillings or even complete failure of the tooth. Often we discover that multiple teeth need to be restored – and occasionally, in the most serious cases, teeth need to be replaced entirely.

But no matter how serious your situation, it’s all in a day’s work for us here at Smile 4 U. Starting with an informal consultation, we’ll work with you to achieve the ideal solution for your needs, taking into account your budget, oral health and aesthetic goals. There are many restorative solutions to choose from, so we’ll take all the time you need to discuss your options and draw up a fully costed treatment plan that will deliver the results you want.

Restoring an existing tooth in Croydon

At Smile 4 U, we offer a wide range of solutions for filling or restoring the strength and function of an existing tooth. Dental technology and materials have advanced rapidly in recent years – which means our patients in Croydon can benefit from a host of excellent solutions that are both durable and natural-looking.

White fillings

White fillings in Smile 4 U

Also known as composites, white fillings are a great option for filling minor cavities and cracks in your teeth. Unlike metal amalgam fillings, white fillings can be colour-matched perfectly to your existing teeth – so you get a result that is seamless and completely natural looking. Safe and biocompatible, white fillings are moulded and bonded to your natural tooth, so less drilling is required than you’d expect from amalgam fillings. What’s more, materials have advanced so much in recent years that white fillings are now extremely durable and can be considered a long-term solution.

Inlays and onlays

Inlays and onlays in Croydon

Unlike fillings, inlays and onlays are custom-made in a dental lab and restore teeth to their full function and natural look in cases where decay or damage is too advanced for a filling, but not quite enough to require a crown. Inlays and onlays not only fit perfectly into the spaces, leaving no gaps, but they also form a barrier against bacteria, which reduces your future chance of tooth decay or infection.


Veneers in South Croydon

Created from thin layers of porcelain that are placed over your natural teeth, veneers offer a solution to a multitude of dental issues – including stains, gaps, chips and minor misalignment. If you’re unhappy about how your smile looks, veneers can be used for individual teeth or a full smile makeover, without impacting on your ability to bite or chew.

Dental Crowns

Dental Crowns in Croydon

Whether you’ve had a root canal treatment or your tooth is damaged, cracked or decayed, dental crowns will be the recommended course of action in cases where fillings and inlays and onlays are no longer possible. Crowns are custom-made in a dental lab and work to strengthen or build up failing or weakened teeth. A crown is like a cap that is fixed on top of a single tooth, which your dentist will smooth into a shape that best accommodates your restoration.

Replacing a missing tooth or teeth in South Croydon

Dental Bridges

Dental bridges in Croydon

If dental implants are not an option for you, a dental bridge offers a solution that hides the gaps in your smile while maintaining the structure of your jaw. A bridge is a structure that replaces one or more missing teeth and is supported by a crown on each end, thus forming a ‘bridge’ across the gap. Made to measure in a dental lab, dental bridges are a fixed solution offering long-term comfort, function and aesthetics.

Dental crowns

Dental Crowns in Smile 4 U

Dental crowns have multiple uses in restorative dentistry. As well as anchoring bridges and restoring existing teeth, they are routinely used to complete a dental implant procedure, creating the visible part of the tooth that is supported by a dental implant in the jaw bone.


Dentures in Smile 4 U

Dentures are custom-made to fit snugly on top of the gums and are a tried and tested removable option for replacing missing teeth. Cost-effective and easy to clean, modern-day dentures use lightweight and lifelike materials that are ever more comfortable to wear. They can sometimes be fixed in place with adhesives; another option patients at Smile 4 U may consider is implant-retained dentures that are permanently secured in place.

Dental Implants

Dental Implants in South Croydon

If you’re considering dental implants in south Croydon, this increasingly popular option is available to patients at Smile 4 U. A dental implant is a permanent fixture that replaces not only the visible portion of the tooth, but also the root as well. This means you can eat, speak and laugh with total confidence, and enjoy a permanent tooth replacement that prevents your jawbone from receding. This, in turn, prevents the ageing effects of facial sagging caused by missing teeth. For more information, head to our implants page.

When it comes to dental restorations, the sooner we detect a problem, the easier it is to treat – which is why it’s so important you attend regular check-ups at Smile 4 U. This allows us to monitor your teeth and advise you in good time if we think you need restorative treatment – because the sooner this happens, the less invasive (and expensive) your treatment will be. Even if you have missing teeth that don’t show or bother you, it is important to consider a tooth restoration, as this will support the structure of your jaw and the surrounding facial tissue, reducing the risk of ageing facial sagging and future dental problems.

With so many treatment options available, your first course of action will be to sit down with one of our experienced South Croydon dentists, who will guide you towards the treatment that best suits your needs and requirements. To book an appointment, call us on (020) 8640 7586 or email [email protected].

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