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Invisalign Lite Braces at Smile 4 U

Invisalign Lite is a suitable way of getting your crooked teeth straightened with Invisalign treatment. It is believed to be an express version of the original product while using the same innovative system. The treatment helps in addressing minor issues with your smile quickly while providing all its aesthetic benefits.

Benefits of Invisalign lite

  • Invisible – Just like original Invisalign system, Invisalign Lite uses clear aligners to shift teeth into the proper position. Thus, they are virtually invisible and almost hard to detect.
  • Faster – Invisalign Lite requires lesser time than original Invisalign. It helps in treating minor issues such as misaligned teeth that requires between ten to fifteen aligners to complete the entire procedure.
  • Comfortable –Like Invisalign, the aligners used for Invisalign Lite are made from plastics which enables proper movement with great comfort.

How Invisalign Lite works

Invisalign Lite is made of clear and customised aligners that help in correcting misaligned teeth for your improved smile. The discretion provided by Invisalign method ensures others will not be able to see your braces and thus, you won’t feel any embarrassment in public.

Both adults and teenagers benefit from this procedure, and a vast number of adults, who are sensitive about their self-image can get reassurance from it. These bespoke aligners, being used for Invisalign Lite treatment, are removable that allow patients to eat and clean teeth properly.

The results of the treatment will differ according to how long you wear the aligners and patients are advised to wear each aligner for at least 20 hours a day. By following the recommended wear time of your Invisalign provider and maintaining good oral health, you can achieve good results.

Is Invisalign Lite suitable for me?

The dentist assesses your teeth condition professionally and discusses your oral care needs. Adequate diagnosis will be explained and suitable treatment options suggested.

If Invisalign Lite is a suitable treatment for you, then the dentist will create an impression of your teeth. Then, she/he will take oral specifications by using digital X-rays and photographs. Invisalign Lite aligners are customised for you by Invisalign dental laboratory.

You will be provided with an Invisalign Clincheck plan to get your approval. The plan is made in a way that the patients can achieve their results as expected before the treatment starts.

After clear aligners are made, the dentist will fit them and give advice on how to wear and care for new braces. You need to go for dental check-ups on a six-weekly basis to know if there are any adjustments needed for evaluating your oral health.

If Invisalign Lite is not a suitable orthodontic option and the teeth are severely misaligned, then the dentist will suggest other teeth straightening options. We offer a wide spectrum of braces and orthodontic treatments to be considered for you.

How much will Invisalign Lite cost?

Invisalign Lite is considered to be an affordable option that helps in treating patients with mild orthodontic corrections. It is cost-effective than full Invisalign treatment as it requires fewer dental and laboratory visits.

The price difference between full Invisalign and Invisalign Lite treatment is impacted by whether or not refinements can be included in Invisalign Lite treatment. Refinement is an extra charge to Invisalign Lite but can be included in full Invisalign treatment. Patients who require payment flexibility may go for different payment plans according to their convenience.

An Invisalign Lite treatment starts from £1,800 to £3,500

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