Dental Dentures in Croydon

If you are missing few or all of the teeth, then dentures are a suitable solution in this regard. Dentures are usually made of hard-wearing material that imitates the look of the teeth and gums for providing natural appearance to your mouth. Your dentures is made to fit snugly on the gums and you can remove it at the time of cleaning.

When wearing dentures for the first time, you may need sometime at the time of eating, chewing or speaking. It is important to take proper care of your oral hygiene habits to prevent the problem of bad breath, gum disease and tooth decay. Our dental hygienist in Croydon will show how you can take care of your dentures and gums and will tell about specialised brushes that can be used for such cases.

We prepare two kinds of dentures at our dental practice and these are:

  • Partial dentures – These help in restoring either one or more missing teeth
  • Complete dentures – They can help to replace all your teeth on an entire arch

Our dentists in Croydon can help in choosing the right kind of dentures to restore your missing teeth within your estimated budget and lifestyle. We provide a wide range of denture materials such as:


This is the most commonly used that can be adjusted, repaired or added easily, as needed. It is a good material for immediate and complete dentures.

Cobalt chrome

These are usually made from very thin material than acrylic, while maintaining strength. They utilise clasps on the supporting teeth to retain denture in their proper position, thus making them stable.

Flexible dentures

These provide natural look and feel due to their lightweight and flexibility.

Once dentures are fitted properly, they restore great support to the jaw and facial structure by allowing them to eat again and create a dramatic improvement on your overall well-being. By taking into consideration your desired needs and aesthetic effect, Smile 4 U Dental Practice will create a smile that compliments natural shape of your mouth by creating a beautiful effect.

Are you interested in dentures?

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