Dental Crowns

Dental Crowns

A dental crown is a tooth-shaped “cap” that is placed over a tooth. The cap restores the shape, size, appearance and strength of the tooth. Our crowns specialist in Croydon can help repair your tooth with a crown, giving it natural tooth shape and making it strong.

Dental crowns may be required to:

  • Secure a cracked tooth or protect a weak tooth from breakage
  • Restore a broken tooth or severely worn tooth
  • Cover and support a tooth with large fillings
  • Hold a denture or bridge in place
  • Cover severely discolored or misshapen teeth
  • Cover a tooth that has been treated with root canal
  • Cover a dental implant
  • Improve the appearance of teeth

How dental crowns are prepared

Our dentist will prepare the tooth for the fitting of the dental crown. This involves removing a layer of the outer surface and making the inner core strong. The layer of tooth removed will be the same as the thickness of the crown.

After the tooth is shaped properly, our dentist will create an impression of the prepared tooth and one of the upper or lower jaw opposite it, to ensure your bite is correct. The impressions will be sent to the dental technician along with information about the shade to use and any other relevant information they will require. You will be fitted with a temporary crown in the meantime so that you can use tooth as normal whilst waiting for the crown to be prepared and finalised.

Once our crowns specialist in Croydon has prepared the crown, it will be fixed in place with a special cement or adhesive. This cement forms a seal for holding the crown in place.

Time needed for the treatment

You will need to go for two dental visits for fixing the crown properly. During the first visit, our dentist will prepare the tooth, take impressions, make a note of your tooth shade and then fit a temporary crown. In the second visit, our dentist will fit the permanent crown, usually 1 to 2 weeks later.

Your dental crown in Croydon should last for several years with proper care.

How to take care of your crown

It is important to keep the dental crown clean just as you would your natural teeth. Though the dental crown cannot decay, tooth decay may begin where the edge of the crown joins the tooth if improper maintenance is shown to oral hygiene. Make sure you brush before going to bed at night and once in the morning with fluoride toothpaste and it is fundamental to clean in between your teeth with interdental brushes.

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