Periodontal Treatment

Periodontal Disease Treatment in Croydon

What is Periodontal Disease?

Periodontal disease affects the bone, gums and other supporting tissues of your teeth. Though most people usually suffer from gum inflammation, almost 10% of the entire population faces severe form of the disease that leads to the loss of supporting bones. This group is at the highest risk for losing teeth due to periodontal disease. This is usually caused by bacteria that collect on the teeth regularly.

Why do some people suffer from this problem?

Nearly 10% of the population is at a great risk of suffering from this disease. The three factors responsible for this problem are smoking, stress and family record. You will have to quit smoking if you want to reduce the risk associated with developing this disease. Certain diseases such as diabetes may make an individual more susceptible to it.

How will I know if I have this disease?

The signs and symptoms of periodontal disease differs from person to person, however, it often comes along with bleeding gums at the time of brushing and signs of advanced disease such as teeth movement or drifting. It is quite possible to get this disease if you do not know about its signs and symptoms. You need to visit your dentist regularly so that you can detect such problems early on.

What will I do if I think I have the disease?

You need to see your dentist for a proper diagnosis before performing any treatments. Your dentist will suggest the right kind of treatment for your case which may include specific oral hygiene methods to prevent bacteria from building up on the teeth. You may also be required to undergo a teeth cleaning procedure that will be completed by a professional. Most periodontal disease cases are treated successfully by the dentist who follows these methods. Occasionally, more complicated treatments may be needed. Don’t worry as your dental practitioner will advise you accordingly.

Where can I get more information about it?

You may talk to your dentist for more information about the periodontal therapy. In case you may not have one, search for names of local dentists in your area and ask your friends and colleagues for recommendations.

How can I look for a specialist periodontist?

You can simply ask your dental practitioner for a referral. Alternatively, you can search for a specialist by using the General Dental Council website.

Can I get more information on this website?

At Smile 4 U, we work with the best consultant specialist periodontists who help in treating and preventing gum disease. Starting from bleeding gums, tooth mobility, bad breath (halitosis), gum recession and oral soft tissue anomalies, our periodontist will provide standard treatment options available for your individual case. With us, you will be able to get a detailed evaluation and a complete report with a suitable treatment plan based on recommendations from the National Institute of clinical excellence and British Society of Periodontology.

What can my periodontist do for me?

  • Your periodontist will conduct thorough examination of the teeth and the gums by checking how the teeth bite together.
  • There are home and practice-based periodontic treatments available to our patients. It is necessary to practice good oral hygiene in order to prevent the development of plaque. Your periodontist can give advice on the right way to clean your teeth at home.
  • Your periodontist may perform root planning that involves a proper cleaning of your gum pockets to remove any bacteria or plaque present. You may need a local anesthetic for this treatment as some patients may experience some kind of discomfort.
  • If the treatment fails to work or you have inaccessible or deep gum pockets, your Periodontist may suggest to perform a surgery.

Are your gums swollen or bleeding?

Talk to your dentist today to check for signs of periodontal disease and protect your smile!

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