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At Smile 4 U Dental Practice, our Dental hygienists or dentists are highly skilled who focus on preventative oral hygiene and gum disease treatment.

The role of a hygienist is to treat and prevent gum disease – a major cause of tooth loss in the UK. Most people suffer from a mild form of gum disease or gingivitis at some point in their lives and routine appointments with the dental hygienist in Croydon can help prevent gum disease from getting worse.

Gum disease usually occurs due to the accumulation of tartar and plaque on the teeth. Your oral hygienist will clean your teeth thoroughly by using scale and polish to remove all traces of tartar and plaque. Even though you may think your dental healthcare routine is good, there can be certain areas in the mouth that are difficult to clean. If you are wearing braces, then it might be difficult to clean them, making your visit to the dental hygienist more important.

The hygienist plays a vital role in advising and demonstrating the right way to clean teeth to prevent tooth decay and gum disease. This might involve advising on the kind of toothbrush you should use, proper techniques for brushing and the use of special products such as floss and inter dental brushes. By following the advice of your hygienist, you can prevent more costly or invasive dental treatments in Croydon, becoming necessary.

Though hygienist treatment is not provided on the NHS, it is available to all patients, both children and adults. Your dentist can perform tooth cleaning to get rid of plaque and tartar, depending on your condition.

Dental Hygienists may take x-rays to help the dentist in diagnosis and use fissure sealants along with fluoride treatments like fluoride varnish. Your dentist will prescribe all the treatments done by the hygienist.

At the dental hygiene appointment, Contact Smile 4 U Dental Practice in Croydon, your hygienist will scale and polish your teeth and remove all tartar and plaque for the areas that might be difficult to clean at home and also for the patients who wear braces and find it difficult to clean thoroughly.

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