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Dental Implants in Croydon

Losing a tooth or teeth can be overwhelming and its emotional impact can affect both your confidence and your quality of life. At Smile 4 U Dental Practice in Croydon, our implant dentists provide dental implants treatment to patients who want a fixed and permanent replacement for their missing teeth. Your artificial teeth will give you the look and feel of natural teeth. With the All-On-4 system available at our practice, it is also possible to receive a full set of new teeth in a single visit, using only four implants.

What are Dental Implants?

Teeth implants mimic the role of a tooth root, creating a strong, reliable foundation onto which a custom-made prosthetic tooth can be fixed. Implants are made of very strong, bio compatible titanium, which is well tolerated by the body. When an implant is placed in the jaw bone, it fuses with your natural bone, creating a permanent anchor. Once the fusing process – called osseointegration – has completed, a perfectly crafted dental restoration can be secured on top. Depending on what you require, your tooth replacement can be a crown, a bridge or a full arch.

Implants are high-tech, backed by more than 30 years of research and are continually being tested and improved as ever more advanced materials and technique come to the fore. It is a safe treatment with an extremely high success rate and have the potential to last as long as your natural teeth, provided you commit to a robust oral hygiene routine at home, as well as regular visits to our implant dentist for your check-ups and hygiene appointments, as implants require careful care and maintenance. So long as your jawbone remains healthy and you care for your implants properly, you can expect your new smile to last for decades.

Why Choose Dental Implants?

Tooth implants give you back your natural smile and improve your appearance for the years to come. They look and feel just like natural teeth and have the potential to last many decades. Because implants are fixed into your jawbone, they replicate the role of a tooth root by supporting the structure of the jaw and preventing bone loss and the ageing effects of facial sagging.

Dental implants procedure have an extremely high success rate globally – more than 95 percent, which is better than any other form of tooth replacement. Quite simply, implants are one of the best solutions for missing teeth.

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Treatment options in Smile 4 U Dental Practice

Single tooth replacement: This is the most straightforward implant case, involving a single dental implant topped with a custom crown.

Multiple tooth replacement: Two dental implants can be used to support a bridge, support your jawbone while hiding the gaps in your smile. Unlike traditional bridges, implant-retained bridges don’t require neighbouring healthy teeth to be filed down to accommodate crowns at each end.

Full arch replacement: As an alternative to a traditional denture, a full set of upper or lower teeth can be replaced using a minimal number of dental implants to support a full-arch bridge – so you won’t require an implant for each missing tooth. A full arch implant treatment offers a far more stable and longer-lasting solution than dentures.

Denture improvement: Choosing to secure your dentures with dental implants is a cost-effective way of getting your confidence back, enabling you to use the least number of implants to fix your denture in place permanently – so you can chew, speak and laugh normally again, and won’t experience gum irritation any more. And because implants are fixed in place, you can say goodbye to sticky adhesives too.

All On 4 Dental Implants

With the renowned All On 4 treatment available at Smile 4 U, our patients in Croydon can achieve a smile in a day. The technique, ideal for those facing the loss of all their teeth, involves the fitting of four implants, and then attaching a special dental bridge – all of which can be carried out in a single visit our Smile 4 U Dental Practice. The treatment results in a fully functional set of teeth that look and feel completely natural. If you’re interested in our All-On-4 treatment, you will first need to undergo a thorough diagnostic examination to assess the health of your mouth and confirm your suitability for the procedure.

Maintaining your implants

If you are considering dental implants, you should talk to implant dentists for staying prepared and maintaining good oral hygiene habits. This will enable to avoid the risk of each implant, which is when implants fail and eventually cause your restoration to fall out. At Smile 4 U Dental Practice, our dental hygienists are qualified to assist in the prevention and treatment of oral disease, and help look after the health of your implant restorations and ensuring that the gums and bone around them stays healthy. As well as instructing you with tailored advice on caring for your implants at home, the hygienist will need to see you for regular professional cleaning sessions throughout the year.

Dental Air Abrasion

At Smile 4 U, we’re delighted to be able to offer our patients advanced air abrasion cleaning. Using a powerful stream of tiny aluminium oxide particles, the air abrasion procedure can be used to gently lift away stains, remove dental decay without drilling, prepare teeth for whitening and clean implants effectively, reaching the areas that normal cleaning cannot.

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