Gummy Smile

Gummy Smile

Are your upper teeth overshadowed due to excessive gum tissue? Do you find the upper teeth seem to be very short as compared to gingival tissue displayed? If you answer to these questions is yes, then you are probably suffering from a gummy smile or an excessive gingival display. Gummy smile may leave a negative impact on the aesthetics of your smile. The good news is a gummy smile can be treated with different treatment options.


  • An extreme display of gum tissue in the upper jaw may result from unusual teeth eruption. The teeth covered with excessive gum tissue appear short though they may be of good length.
  • The muscle which controls upper lip movement could be hyperactive thus, causing upper lips to rise higher than normal. When this happens, more gum tissue gets exposed at the time of smiling.
  • The way how upper jaw bone develops may be the reason for your gummy smile. For example, if there had an excessive bulging of upper jaw within the gum tissue, then there might be a gummy appearance when you smile.
Gummy Smile


If you have a gummy smile, see a dentist to know about the right treatment for your case. The dentist will assess the condition of your mouth, gums and teeth to detect if there is gingival display and other possible symptoms. The oral examination involves digital impressions of the teeth and gums with X-ray imaging so that the jaw bone and the root of tooth can be examined carefully.

Your dentist may refer to a periodontist, an oral surgeon or orthodontist depending on your specific condition. The treatment may include any of the following:

  • Same-day laser treatments for minor situations
  • Surgical sculpting of bone and gingival tissues for attractive gum contours
  • Maxillofacial surgery for bone repositioning
  • Surgical lip repositioning
  • Orthodontic braces to shift teeth into better position

According to the American Academy of Periodontology, a periodontist who specialises in the soft tissues, gums and other structures supporting the teeth performs “crown lengthening” for correcting the appearance of your gummy smile. During the procedure, your periodontist removes excess gum tissue and bone to expose more tooth surface. This Surgical Sculpting method may be done on one or more teeth for your natural smile and creating even gum line.

Thus, gummy smile sufferers can see their teeth properly while smiling and less of their gums.

Some benefits of crown lengthening procedures are better comfort and confidence at the time of eating, speaking, smiling and improved periodontal (gum tissue) health.

Who will treat me at the clinic?

Gummy smile treatment at Smile 4 U is done by our highly trained dentists and specialists. Every dental practitioner is oversee by our clinical director, Dr Mori Shahid, who finds keen interest in dental implants and latest techniques with CT guided surgical procedures.

Other than her, our dentists, Dr Furqan Ali has a great interest in performing minimally invasive treatments such as dental crowns and tooth coloured fillings. Also, our dental practitioner, Dr Mohamed Yousif Hamed, possess experience and skills in periodontology, complicated root canal therapies, cosmetic procedures, oral surgery and dealing with nervous patients.

How much will gummy smile treatment cost?

The price for gummy smile treatments starts from £250. You may talk to our team and book your consultation with us.

Do you have gummy smile?

Talk to your dentist to check if you have any signs of gummy gmile!

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