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Invisible Braces
Invisible Braces

Invisible braces Croydon

The very thought of braces could brings the picture of clunky metal tracks in the mouth held by colourful elastic bands. Thanks to the improvement of orthodontic treatment technology, those bold and easily noticeable equipment has been replaced with discreet braces to improve your smile.

At Smile 4 U, we’ve certified and experienced clinicians to facilitate your teeth straightening with the latest range of invisible braces. Given our unparalleled expertise, we possess a stunning track record in straightening teeth for people with crowded teeth, bite problems, gapped teeth and certain other orthodontic complexities.

Different types of invisible braces

At Smile 4 U, we deal with a large variety of braces ranging from fixed braces with ceramic or clear brackets to Invisalign. Thus, you can effortlessly choose from a wide range of treatment options to cater to your needs better.

How to start your treatment

Feel free to visit our clinic in Croydon for a friendly consultation with our orthodontist. Based on your assessment, you’ll get to know all the different treatment options that are available to you. Based on your choice, our expert will also provide you with a brief outline of your treatment and the approximate time it will take.

Types of invisible braces we offer

At Smile 4 U, we offer three types of invisible braces, namely:

  • Lingual braces: Lingual braces are placed behind the teeth, and they function in the same way as conventional fixed braces to move your teeth. Lingual braces still use metal wires and adjustable brackets to facilitate your teeth straightening slowly. This range of braces is so popular because they remain discreet inside your mouth.
  • Invisalign braces: This is the most popular orthodontic treatment for teeth straightening and offers maximum discretion as compared to all other options. The treatment uses a set of removable aligners, which requires the least maintenance. You have to wear each aligner for about two weeks before moving on to the next one in the set. Each aligner must also be worn 20 to 22 hours every day to get the desired results.
  • Ceramic braces: Ceramic braces work in the same way as the conventional fixed braces. Even their brackets are made of ceramic or plastic like that in fixed braces. The only difference is ceramic braces use clear or transparent brackets. Ceramic braces still use wires to hold the brackets in their place. Thus, they are not exactly transparent or invisible but are more discreet as compared to the traditional braces.

The cost of our braces

At Smile 4 U, we offer an impressive range of options for teeth straightening that suit both your budget and lifestyle. At the time of your assessment, our orthodontist will tell you the cost of your treatment. We’ve reputation to offer the most competitive pricing all over Croydon for braces treatment. The diagram below shows the different types of braces we offer and their cost.

Smile 4 U dental care clinic in Croydon

Please feel free to visit our private practice in Surrey, Croydon. We use the cutting-edge technology in a warm, friendly environment to provide patients with a better value of their money for teeth straightening treatment.

You’re welcome with your queries regarding treatment options, cost and finance schemes that are available with modern orthodontic teeth straightening treatments.

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