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Safety of Your Dental Bridge or Crown Restorations during Candy Treats

Do you have a sweet tooth and just love to indulge in candy bars and other sugary treats? Do you know that if you have a dental crown or bridge, an apparently harmless candy can badly damage your teeth and cost you a lot of money in dental work? Thus at our private dental practice in Croydon, dentists who work on crowns and bridges instruct their patients to avoid candies and other delicious treats from confectioners. Dental crowns may range from rebuilding a tooth structure, after root canal therapy to sheer aesthetic improvement. On the other hand, dental bridges are basically implants to fill up the gaps in the jawline that occur due to a missing tooth or teeth.Both these dental procedures involve a lot of money along with substantial discomfort during their installation.

How a candy can damage dental bridges and crowns?

Being a sugary item, candy damages your teeth and the gums. It can do even greater damage to people with crowns and bridges like the following:
  • Breaking or chipping the porcelain structure: Certain types of candy may chip or break porcelain-made dental crowns and bridges. Candy-covered nuts and peanut brittle, in particular, require a lot of force to break the confectionery item into parts. It is impossible to continue with a fractured dental bridge or crown. The new restoration is likely to be both painful and expensive.
  • Loosening or lifting the crown or bridge: Sticky candies like toffees and caramels, stick to the teeth while you bite down on them. In the process, the crown or the bridge becomes loose or can even lift from their position, damaging the total restoration work.
  • Lost crown or bridge: A loose dental crown or bridge can eventually slip out from the restored location. If this slip off occurs while you’re eating, you may get your healthy teeth chipped as well,other than the chances of accidentally choking the restoration piece. Further restoration can severely damage the tooth pulp. However, it is still better to get a damaged dental restoration replaced than to leave it like that. When you ignore a damaged dental restoration without replacing it, the problem often leads to decay and infection and causes even greater damage to your mouth.
Thus, an Emergency dentists in Croydon, who attends to the damaged dental restoration cases, suggests you to select your candies carefully. Generally, soft candies are safe for dental restorations. Do always brush and floss the teeth after a candy treat. Flossing underneath the bridge will remove the sugary coating from the area and stop the breeding of harmful bacteria.