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Root Canal Treatment to Cure and Restore Unhealthy Tooth

Root canal is the treatment used to save a badly decayed or infected tooth. The clinical procedure is aimed to provide an effective solution to the problem and restore your tooth. The treatment involves removing the pulp and the nerve of the affected tooth before cleaning and sealing it. It is important to note that the nerve of your tooth has nothing to contribute to the tooth’s health or functioning once it has erupted through the gums. The root only performs the sensory function and provides the sensation of cold or hot. Thus, when the root canal procedure removes the nerve, neither the health, or the functioning of the tooth is affected in any way, says Dr Mohamed Yousif Hamed, a Dentist in Croydon, Surrey associated with the Smile 4 U dental practice.

Reasons to remove the tooth pulp

When the nerve tissue or the pulp of a tooth is damaged, harmful bacteria will keep multiplying inside the pulps’ chamber. This leads to the formation of an infection or an abscess in the affected tooth. The abscess gradually leads to the formation of a pocket filled with puss at the end of the roots of the tooth. If the problem is left untreated, the infection will continue spreading across a wider area, resulting in greater damage. In severe cases, root canal pain is not only unbearable but can also lead to other complications including the following:
  • Swelling that spreads to the neck and the face.
  • Consistent headaches.
  • Bone loss at the tip of your affected tooth.
  • In extreme cases, the problem can also lead to tooth loss.

More about the treatment

Root canal treatment or RCT is performed either by a dentist or an endodontist. An endodontist is a dentist having specialisation in diagnosing, treating and preventing diseases and injuries to the dental pulp. You may have to visit the dentist’s office more than once. As the first step, a dental X-ray is taken to understand the extent of the problem. You’ll be administered with local anaesthesia to minimise the sensation of pain and inconvenience during the treatment. Root canal treatment has a strikingly high success rate at Smile 4 u Dental Practice. The clinic is located on Addiscombe Road in Croydon and accepts both private and NHS patients. Modern infrastructure, dedicated service, warm, friendly environment and reasonable cost are the factors behind its success.