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My Child and Early Orthodontic Treatment

A child is said to have an early orthodontic treatment when he/she gets braces before they reach the usual age of 10 to 14 years.

This kind of dental care is classified as ‘preventative’. The advantage of preventative treatment is that it stops serious dental issues from occurring in the future. It is easier to treat a child’s case, while the jaws and teeth are still evolving than when they become teenagers or adults. Using a retainer as a child may not substitute the requirement for braces later in life, but it will accelerate braces treatment with doubled efficacy. However, children can get orthodontic treatment at Smile 4 U dental Practice.

Does My Child Need An Early Orthodontic Treatment?

Parents may need orthodontic treatment advice to know whether their children should have orthodontic treatment early. The following reasons will provide a guide:
  • Crossbite – Children with a narrow upper jaw do have the problem of crossbite. This narrowness causes the development of overcrowded teeth. Another danger of crossbite is uneven wear of teeth. It can also increase the risk of temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorders. This disorder can trigger locking of the jaw, difficulty in chewing, and jaw pain. Diagnosing and treating a crossbite early will expand the jaw, make room for developing teeth, and most importantly prevent severe dental problems. An orthodontic treatment in Croydon can handle this issue.
  • Ugly-looking Teeth – Appearance improves self-esteem in today’s world. Children with unattractive teeth may dislike their teeth. So, to improve their looks, they may require teeth straightening and braces at an early age. You can take them for orthodontic treatment in Croydon.
  • Protruding Top Teeth – This kind of dentition comes with numerous risks. Kids with upper teeth that protrude past the bottom teeth can suffer chipped or broken teeth while playing. Sometimes, they could have their tooth knocked out. Children with this kind of teeth are bullied by their mates, and it can affect them psychologically if not treated early.
  • Impacted Teeth – An impacted tooth is one that fails to grow out from the gums. Sometimes it may be only ‘partially impacted’. This dental condition may not cause any pain, but it can exert pressure or rub on the surrounding teeth, the result of which may be a tooth loss. Gum problems, infection, and abnormal merging of teeth are some of the problems of an impacted tooth. Some people may recognise this problem when a baby tooth hasn’t fallen out, or an adult tooth has failed to grow out. Others may not realise this. However, with orthodontic treatment at Smile 4 U dental Practice, impacted teeth can receive an early intervention after X-ray.
  • Psychological Issues – Some kids expectation of looking like their favourite TV star may not be realistic. Be that as it may, the danger of not achieving this ‘idolised’ look could make children begin to hate themselves. Again, the teasing and bullying kids with teeth problems experience can be damaging. All of these put together can lead to anxiety, depression, and mental health problems. For fear of this, parents are ready more than ever to give their children orthodontic treatment.

Child Appropriate Age to See An Orthodontist

Now that you’ve seen the reasons, if you feel your kid needs orthodontic treatment, it is best when they’re between 7 – 9 years old to take them for their first orthodontic visit.

An experienced orthodontist or dentist can tell whether:
  • Your child needs orthodontic treatment even if they have only their molars
  • Your child will have to wait until they grow most of their adult teeth before treatment
The benefit of early orthodontic treatment is that it gives parents orthodontic treatment advice on the options that are available for their children. While it is recommended that children be treated early, some patients should do an annual dental checkup on their adult teeth growth till the time is right for early intervention.

There are several other benefits for your child if you’re considering early orthodontic treatment.

Orthodontic Treatment: Early vs Late

It is normal to attribute early orthodontic treatment to children and late treatment to adults. Whatever be the case, orthodontic treatment has no right or wrong time. However, there are benefits and drawbacks for early and later treatment.

What Are The Benefits of Early Orthodontic Treatment?

There are many advantages in treating children before their palate and jaw stop growing. If they have or will have overcrowded teeth, an orthodontist can increase the size of their jaw to accommodate the teeth. Overcrowding cannot be corrected with this option once the palates fuse. This means that only surgery or teeth removal before braces can be used to fix overcrowded teeth.

Orthodontic treatment for children or young teens is ideal because, at this age, they can relate with their peers. If it comes later, like towards the end of high school, a teenager may not want treatment.

It’s easier for parents to convince a child to have braces than an unyielding teenager.

Late Orthodontic Treatment

As a teenager, you may have cared less about your appearance but becoming an adult; you might be considering doing something about it.

Adults can now benefit more from the technologically improved orthodontic treatment that is available today. With products like clear braces and Invisalign, the problems of the past, including a lack of permanent retainers and moving teeth are no more.

For adults whose parents couldn’t afford orthodontic treatment for them as teenagers, they can now pay for their treatment plus an insurance plan to help with the cost.

Patients now have the benefit of choosing from a plethora of aesthetic options like lingual braces, ceramic braces, Invisalign, and others. Unlike years ago, when there was only one option; metal braces. These clear braces are obtainable in good dental clinics and at orthodontic treatment at Smile 4 U dental Practice.

Adults will comply with orthodontic instructions more readily than teenagers, which is why removable Invisalign retainers are ideal for them.

Indeed, adults do not have the advantage of helping orthodontic treatment with their evolving mouth and jaw, but the final result is worth the wait.

Regardless of how old your child may be when you bring them for orthodontic treatment at Smile 4 U dental Practice, know that it will be obligation-free.

We will give you our orthodontic treatment advice and let you decide when your child should begin treatment.

We offer orthodontic treatment in Croydon. Call us or book an appointment.