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Invisalign Vs Braces – The Advantage and Disadvantage of Each

Most people have a tough time deciding on the best way to straighten or re-align their teeth. This article is written to help you see the pros and cons of both traditional metal braces and invisible braces and will also help you make a good choice.

Also, when you meet an experienced Orthodontist in Croydon, you will be able to make an informed decision and get the best treatment suitable for you. You need to get expert advice from an experienced orthodontist in Croydon because Invisalign might not be suitable in all cases.

The many advantages and disadvantages of both braces and Invisalign will be discussed to give you some information before meeting an experienced orthodontist in Croydon and making the right decision.

Traditional Braces

Traditional braces are made of metal, and they are attached outside the teeth. There are many types of braces; some are made of ceramics and attached behind the teeth. Rubber bands and metal wires are attached to these brackets to manipulate your teeth and correct the misalignment.

Advantages of traditional metal braces
  • Can treat all Cases
  • Traditional braces can treat all cases, unlike Invisalign, which cannot treat complex orthodontic cases. The complexity of your case notwithstanding, braces can solve it. They are the most powerful treatment method used in correcting multiple dental and facial issues and moves the teeth into the position you desire.
    • Give Better Results
    • Braces give better results than Invisalign; they have more force or power to move the teeth into the position desired.

    • Multiple Choice
    • Gone are the days when braces of just metal brackets and wires, now we have ceramic and lingual braces to make them appear less visible. Patients can now choose to have braces without that metal look that some find embarrassing.

    Disadvantages of Braces
    • Unattractive
    • Some people find metal braces unattractive and discomforting. They feel it affects their look and appearance.

    • Difficulty Brushing your Teeth
    • Unlike Invisalign, you will have a lot of difficulty brushing and flossing your teeth, and if you don’t do it properly you will have plaque around the braces, and they can lead to permanent stains on your teeth and teeth decay.

      Make sure you follow the instruction of the experienced orthodontist in Croydon on how to brush and floss correctly while wearing braces.

    • Restrictive Eating
    • People wearing braces cannot eat foods like pizza, nuts, veggies, etc. because foods that are sticky and hard can break the bracket or dislodge it from a tooth. If this happens, you will have to meet with the experienced orthodontist in Croydon to repair this breakage. This will prolong your treatment time, especially in cases of multiple breakages.

    • Regular Consultations
    • When you have braces, you will have to visit your experienced orthodontist in Croydon regularly to adjust them and have him check your progress.



    Invisalign aligners are made of clear plastics, and they are made by taking a 3D impression of the patient’s mouth to get a customised aligner for each patient. These customised aligners move the teeth gradually until the desired position is acquired.

    Invisalign is not the best in all cases as the experienced orthodontist in Croydon will not use or recommend it for more complex orthodontic problems. Some Invisalign patients require some attachments to give the aligner a firm grip and reshape the teeth.

    Advantages of Invisalign

    • Better Appearance
    • One of the favourite reasons for Invisalign aligners is the neat appearance and almost invisible feature. It can’t beeasily detected by the majority if you are wearing one. This has helped in improving the self-confidence of teens and adults who are self-conscious.

      It reduces name calling and school bullying; you can smile and not have to worry about people commenting on your new braces.

    • You can always take them out
    • Another important benefit of Invisalign aligners is that you can always take them out when you want to eat, brush, floss, or engage in some restrictive sports like soccer and basketball. Those with metal braces can’t do this, which allows them to eat choice meals, brush properly or engage in contact sports.

      An experienced orthodontist in Croydon would advise patients to wear their Invisalign aligner for at least 20-22 hours every day; this gives you time to remove them when you want to eat, floss, brush, or engage in sports.

    • Improved oral Hygiene
    • You can always remove your aligners and brush your teeth properly or floss, this will improve your oral hygiene and prevents permanent stains on your teeth. People with braces can’t do this; they have to brush around the brackets and do it carefully.

    • Fewer Consultations
    • Invisalign aligners require fewer consultations as most of the work is done before you get your new aligners. Your orthodontist in Croydon will carry out a 3D scan of your teeth which will be used in customising your aligners.

      When this is done, there is no need for regular visit at ion because you will be given multiple sets of aligners to change every few weeks. Only a few visits are needed to check your progress.

    • Comfortable
    • Invisalign aligners may cause you little discomfort at the initial wearing period, but you can be guaranteed of comfort in no time unless in very rare cases. Another pro about Invisalign is as a result of the plastic material from which it is being made as compared to the wires and metals in traditional braces—reducing the occurrence of mouth or gum injury.


    Disadvantages of Invisalign

    • Requires a lot of work
    • Invisalign requires a lot of work; patients have to be disciplined. Remember that you have to wear them for at least 22 hours a day, this means you have to remove them before you eat, brush, floss, or play football. Many see this as strenuous.

      You have to brush your teeth after eating before putting back your aligners so that you won’t stain them. It requires discipline and will not be effective if you don’t wear them for the stipulated hours.

      The major reason why Invisalign seems ineffective is that many people cannot comply with these rules and regulations.

    • It can be inconvenient
    • Taking out and putting back your aligners can be inconveniencing. It can also be embarrassing when you take them out in public to eat. You need to handle your Invisalign aligners with care to avoid losing them when you take them out to brush your teeth before replacing your aligners.

      This is because food particles can stain your aligners and stop your teeth from adjusting. It also increases your risk of halitosis and cavities.
    • Cost
    • Invisalign is almost the same price as braces; this is because of the processes involved in making it. The 3D scan, and use of clear and flexible materials.
    Before you decide on the treatment method to use, ask an experienced orthodontist in Croydon if you will get the same result from all methods, from the answer you will be able to conclude on a suitable treatment for you.

    Here at Smile 4 U dental practice, our experienced orthodontist in Croydon will advise and give you one of the best treatment options for your unique situation.

    For more information and clarification as regards the ideal dental treatment that will suit you, you can book an appointment with an experienced orthodontist in Croydon by calling 020 86407586 or Contact us Online.