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How Does Orthodontics Process Work

Have you ever thought of getting dental braces for yourself or ward in Croydon? Look no more! At Smile 4 U, we provide one of the best Croydon orthodontic practice. To give you an insight on what to expect, here is a step by step guide on a typical orthodontic treatment process.

Step 1: Schedule Your Free Consultation

When we think of Croydon orthodontic practice in Surrey, we visualise young teens with their mouth stocked with metal wires. Well, this may not always be the case as people of all ages now get braces. Although, most orthodontists believe that the best age for a child to see an orthodontist is when the child’s permanent teeth start coming in, and this usually occurs between 7 and 8 Years.

Our orthodontists are highly experienced and can easily detect any issue in both tooth and jaw development. However, we have massive years of Experience and can handle any orthodontic issue irrespective of our patient’s age group. We study your teeth to determine what needs to be done to straighten your teeth. Once you have decided and ready to get started for your treatment, the following ensues.

Step 2: Getting Started With The Help Of Your Orthodontist

At smile 4 u, we believe every patient have unique dental and orthodontal challenges which is why we effectively study your teeth and x-ray to determine the best plan of action. We study our patient’s medical history, intra-oral and extra-oral exams, study models and lateral cephalometric radiography if need be. This records will provide us with additional information to ensure that we carry out orthodontic treatment suitable for each patient.

However, during this stage, our Orthodontist in Croydon will give you an overview of the following:
  • Provide an expected time frame for the treatment.
  • Provide a cost estimate for your treatment and avoid hidden.
  • We provide suitable options for your treatment.

We will also schedule any necessary meetings to kick start your treatment while providing you with easy payment and finance options available for your treatment.

Step 3: Treatment Recommendation And Design.

After subtle consultation and careful study of our patient’s records, our orthodontist will carry out treatment specific to your needs. We will also show you braces sample, appliances and Invisalign aligners that will be used for your treatment. Once all of these is agreed upon, your appointments to get your braces can be scheduled. This may happen within a few days of your consultation or the same day as the Case may be.

Step 4: Fixing The Braces

Getting the braces on is often the most critical and longest part in the entire process. We invest so much time and effort to ensure the process goes smoothly but be sure that the process doesn’t hurt. This usually involves conditioning the teeth surface, providing a place to cement on the bracket, cementing the bracket and placing the wire.

Step 5: Invisalign Option

The process is usually for patients who opt for Invisalign treatment. However, the process is usually smooth and will include an in-depth examination of your teeth while taking the impressions of your teeth. The impression will be sent to our lab to generate a digital model of your teeth.

However, keeping your orthodontist recommendations in mind, we plan your treatment using special software. From this model, your unique aligners are created. Once the aligners are sent back to our office, an appointment is scheduled. In most cases, the number of aligners that is needed is usually a function of how severe and complex each treatment plan appears to be. Your aligner will be put up every 2 weeks of treatment and should be worn between 20-23 hours. You can visit our Croydon orthodontic practice in Surrey for a complimentary orthodontic consultation.

Step 6: Check-Ups And Adjustments

We also schedule routine checkups to envisage our patient’s recovery process and progress. During the process, we will also handover the next set of aligners. This is usually a quick appointment to make sure the treatment is perfect as planned. Your brackets are also adjusted during this period, while we provide you with dental advice and care.

Step 7: Fitting Retainers And Putting Off Your Braces

As you proceed to the final stage of your treatment, we may schedule another appointment for you, where you will be given fixed and removable retainers. This is usually done before your Invisalign braces.The retainers will be fixed behind your teeth to ensure that the retainers permanently hold them in place. During your last visit, we will take another impression but this time, for removable retainers which we will send to our lab –the retainer may take 5-7 days to reach our office.

However, the retainers and aligners are similar only that the retainers will be worn occasionally at night. When it comes to Orthodontics, our professional services are one of the best Croydon Orthodontic practice in Surrey.

Get in touch, We are never far from you. Give us a call on 020 86407586 for all orthodontal treatments in Croydon.