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Dental Bridge Vs. Dental Implant: Which one is Perfect

A dental bridge is one of the most sought after solutions for missing teeth. It consists of several fitted crowns ( depending on the number of missing teeth), placed on the space created by the missing teeth and supported by the tooth on either side of the space. This is a great option chosen because it is strong and reliable, but mostly because of its resemblance and feeling of natural teeth.

Dental bridges have been around since the early part of the last century and were formerly the mainly preferred option for missing teeth, before the introduction of dental implants. Although it has been replaced by dental implants as the most selected option for teeth replacement, dental bridges are still very much in use today. To this effect, we will be explaining some basic information on dental bridges, and its advantages over dental implants.

How are dental bridges made?

To begin with, dental bridges require stable, healthy teeth present on either side of the space, before it can be designed. Designing your dental bridge requires a scan or impression of your mouth as the first procedure. The results will show a replica that will be used to fabricate the bridge. This ultimately means that the bridges are custom made and can only be used by you.

However, for the crown to be fitted, there have to be some alterations to the healthy adjacent tooth on either side of the space, and this remains the greatest disadvantage of dental bridges. The surrounding teeth are reshaped and then contoured with the removal of damaged teeth so that there is enough space for your crown to mount on remaining tooth stub. The alterations to the healthy tooth lead to loss of healthy tooth tissue that weakens the tooth and reduces its longevity.

The dental bridge that is mounted on the space is usually made up of gold, porcelain alloys or combination of other materials, and can last for about 5 – 15 years and possibly longer if stable, and if oral hygiene is maintained. Here at Smile 4 u dental practice, we have a team of the best dentists in Croydon, experienced and qualified to give you the good treatment when it comes to getting dental bridges.

Benefits of dental bridges

Dental bridges have benefits as follows;
  • It is quite easy to get used to it because it looks and feels like real teeth
  • They are small, lightweight and are comfortable when chewing
  • They help maintain the natural shape of the face
  • They control moving and shifting of adjoining teeth
  • They enhance your speech and feeding ability
  • They correct any compromise by your missing teeth and re-distribute and balance normal bite force
  • Maintaining good hygiene ensures the longevity of usage
  • It only requires about 2 – 3 appointments to finish the bridge restoration.

Benefits of the dental bridge over dental implants

Both dental bridges and dental implants are good options for missing teeth. But sometimes, there might still be confusion on which one to go for. Dental implants have been established as the best option of missing teeth replacement. However, there are still some factors that place dental bridge above dental implants.

One undisputed major factor is the condition of the gums. If you have a weak gum or a low gum height, the dental implants might not be the best option for you. Even if you go ahead and get a dental implant, it can fail, placing your gums at an even weaker position than before. A traditional bridge can help control the problem of missing teeth and at the same time, protect your gums.

Another advantage of dental bridges over implants is the time it takes for each of these procedures to be carried out. A standard dental implant takes about two months to be installed. This includes the full integration time for the bone and implants. On the other hand, the dental bridge takes only about two days to complete, including the complete restoration with the ceramics. Getting a dental implant within one week or less than the normal two months can be dangerous, and is not advised by practitioners. This is because there has to be adequate osseointegration (adhering of the bone cells to the implant), without which the whole process will fail. Smile 4 u dental practice offers you one of the best dental surgeons, to handle perfect dental implants procedure in Croydon.

One other major advantage of dental bridges over dental implants is the health of the patient. Certain diseases like cancer, auto-immune diseases, diabetes and some medications prevent patients from undergoing procedures like dental implants. For people with these diseases, dental bridges are the best option for them. Also, some oral conditions do not require bone reconstruction or implant surgery. Having very little bone is not a problem, especially if you have considered dental bridges, unlike a dental implant that requires an extensive bone grafting procedure to support the implant.

Finally, in some cases where there might be broken or chipped teeth next to the space of missing teeth, a dental implant will only place the damaged teeth at greater risk by jeopardising the condition of the gums. Meanwhile, a dental bridge will help protect these teeth from future damage or even decay.

Disadvantages of dental bridges

A major disadvantage of the dental bridges remains the damage done to the adjacent teeth in the process of reshaping and contouring to fit the crown. Bear in mind that if anything goes wrong with the abutment teeth, it could seriously affect the complete dental bridge procedure. The entire bridge can be lost if there is any disease or gum infection of either supporting tooth, like a cavity or gum disease.

Furthermore, dental bridges are made too long. This places more force on the abutments or supporting teeth, and the excess force can lead to stress on the adjoining teeth.

As earlier mentioned, a disadvantage when it comes to dental bridges is the preparation of the supporting teeth. Studies have shown the preparations to these teeth ultimately leads to root canal therapy of the teeth in future, especially if they are young teeth. This is because there are reduction and reshaping procedures carried out on these teeth. This action causes inflammation of the nerve that ultimately leads to pain or sensitivity, and is a side effect that comes up in 1 – 3% of all dental bridge cases.

This side effect can be reduced by using special minimally invasive lab process to prepare the teeth, instead of the normal procedure, thereby creating strong crowns and limits the amount of heat produced during the process.

Implant supported bridges

This is a brilliant way of supporting a dental bridge without doing damage to the natural healthy teeth. It combines both the dental bridge and dental implants. The implants are placed in the mouth and spaced out so that they will be easy to clean, and at the same time, provide support for the dental bridge.

They can be carried out effectively by any qualified and experienced dentist in Croydon, but some people might decide to choose a dental surgeon in Croydon as well.

Taking care of the implants and cleaning them is very important. Failure to do so will lead to the risk of developing premature bone loss. This is one way of combining implants and bridges to give a more efficient and effective teeth replacement procedure. However, the required number of implants are placed to ensure stable and durable treatment.


Dental bridges require a word or two of caution to ensure they last longer and are in good condition. They include;
  • Sugary and unhealthy foods must be avoided as these encourage plaque and bacterial growth on teeth. This can also affect the crowns that use them as support
  • Consume soft food and chew in small quantities until you get used to your new bridge
  • Practice good oral hygiene and environmental hygiene to ensure the longevity of the dental bridges
  • Try to keep the supporting or abutment teeth healthy for the sake of the dental bridge
  • They may be experiences of hot or cold sensitivity to food for a while. It will not last, and there is no cause for alarm.
Dental bridges and dental implants are important options for the replacement of missing teeth. In some cases, dental bridges are the best option, and in some other cases, dental implants are the best to go for.

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