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Choosing Between NHS and Private Dentistry for Your Need

Patients who are searching for a new dental practice will want to get NHS dental services. People will not want to pay a private dentist if the NHS provides appropriate dental care and treatment at a lower price. You will find some NHS dentists in the UK who offer both NHS and private dental care services. Thus, the demand for private dentistry in Croydon is increasing. Let’s find out some reasons why most people want to choose private dental care.
  • Less availability at the NHS – Before going to a private dental practice, most patients spent a lot of time ringing around the NHS practices to see whether they will accept newer patients. With less availability from the NHS, most dental practices are accepting patients on the waiting list, though they may still face delays before getting an appointment. The private practices work in a different way and you will have to fix an appointment according to your convenient time.
  • Suitable treatment option – The NHS provides a wide range of treatment options starting from dentures and fillings to dental bridges and crowns. All the treatments are provided in three brackets at a fixed price. Crowns and fillings are usually available in the form of a silver material. Other cosmetic dentistry treatment options are teeth whitening, dental veneers, short-term braces and dental implants. These, however, may not be available on the NHS. Visit a private dental care to find out about all the different treatment options and suitable plans according to the needs of the individual.
  • Priority appointments – In NHS dental practices, access to dental appointments may be restrictive. The appointments are usually available during the working hours only and the treatment may be spaced out for longer period of time due to unavailability of appointments. At Smile 4 U, we provide priority appointments to the patients. We are open 9:00 am to 5:00 Monday to Friday and on weekends by appointment only.
  • Conduct research about dental practice – When choosing a private dental practice, it is important to conduct thorough research, check Google reviews and ask members about their experiences. We provide complimentary consultations with our patient care coordinator. This way, you can look around the dental practice, meet the team and see it is suitable for your every need.
  • Additional support – We offer great support at every stage of a patient’s journey. For private patients, our patient care coordinator is always there during the treatment to ensure proper guidance and support for a comfortable environment. We will discuss with you about the treatment plan so that you know all your options, what you can expect from the appointments and different payment methods.

You may talk to a private or NHS Dentist in Croydon and get the treatment done on time.