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5 Ways Dental Implants Improve Your Oral Health and Appearance

We know how difficult it is to smile with a missing tooth or teeth without feeling embarrassed. As part of your general health, it is essential that you maintain good oral health. Welcome to Smile 4 U, a Dental Clinic in Croydon where cosmetic dentistry is well practised as part of our dental services.

At Smile 4 U, we provide a plethora of dental treatments for all your oral concerns. Our dental implants dentist or oral surgeon in Croydon is suitably qualified to perform dental implants treatment to restore your smile.

The decision to replace a missing tooth or teeth largely depends on which option would provide more advantages over the existing problem. Dentures or dental bridges are a good option but the effects are temporary and the complain of irritation is prevalent with this method of treatment.

Dental implants treatment is carried out to be at an advantage of any patient who chooses dental implants as a replacement for their tooth or teeth. Compared to other options, there are huge benefits that come with dental implants and some of them are discussed below:

1. Greater Functionality and Comfort

Dental implants treatment, unlike dentures, involves the eventual fusion of the artificial titanium root into the jawbone; providing a long-lasting anchor for the replacement tooth that will likely stay with you for life. This causes the implant to function as the natural teeth; restoring a more natural feel when speaking or chewing, devoid of any pain caused by irritation like in the case of dentures. Aided by this functionality is the increased comfort of worrying less about slippage or other issues associated with biting or chewing food and speaking clearly; the implants will not shift or move because they’re embedded in the socket. This eliminates the concern presented by other treatment options.

2. There’s no special maintenance for a dental implants treatment

You’ll still brush your teeth as always and use mouthwash when needed. However, we advise that you be careful when flossing your teeth through a complete dental procedure provided by our implants dentist in Croydon. Due to the permanency of this method, you’ll be able to remove plaque and bacteria from your mouth without any fear thus, resulting in a much better oral hygiene.

3. Dental implants treatment fortify and preserve bone density.

When the empty socket and bone left behind after a tooth loss or extraction is filled with dental implants, it prevents degeneration and weakness of the jawbones. What happens is that when there’s an empty socket and bone without anything to support it, the jawbone will eventually reduce in size and lose its overall density which could result in other complications. This is of great importance because a jawbone with less density is at increased risk of breakage. The consequence of this is the strict avoidance of any direct hit to the lower face part and eating hard or crunchy food. Another problem is the risk of having your teeth shifting or becoming misaligned. But you can avoid all of these with dental implants treatment.

4. Detrimental to your oral hygiene is the risk of tooth and gum disease

Dental implants treatment reduces this risk by covering up the toothless breeding space for bacteria that would affect the natural teeth surrounding an empty socket.

5. Dental implants treatment restores your oral health and self-confidence

Your oral health and self-confidence are restored through the elimination of embarrassment that comes with a missing tooth or teeth. With dental implants treatment, you can take care of your oral health as you would with your natural teeth.

Having considered these benefits, it is best to maintain oral health with dental implants treatment; this method has allowed for the replacement of single and multiple missing teeth with long-term stability and improved oral health.

Undergoing a dental implants treatment is good over other treatment options but, having it performed by a good dental implant dentist or oral surgeon is better.

Smile 4 U has good local dentist in Croydon. Be it single tooth replacement, multiple tooth replacement, full arch replacement or the All on 4 Dental implants; we have some of the latest equipment for diagnostic exam and consequent treatment. Our Oral Surgeon in Croydon will provide you with excellent dental care and treatment in details with up to one-year treatment guarantee. Call 020 86407586 or email for good and quality dental care.