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Root Canal Treatment
05 Apr 2019

Root Canal Treatment to Cure and Restore Unhealthy Tooth

Root canal is the treatment used to save a badly decayed or infected tooth. The clinical procedure is aimed to provide an effective solution to the problem and restore your tooth. The treatment involves removing the pulp and the nerve of the affec...

How to Choose Between NHS and Private Dentistry
28 Mar 2019

Choosing Between NHS and Private Dentistry for Your Need

Patients who are searching for a new dental practice will want to get NHS dental services. People will not want to pay a private dentist if the NHS provides appropriate dental care and treatment at a lower price. You will find some NHS dentists in...

Common Dental Emergency
13 Mar 2019

3 Common Dental Emergency Cases and How to Handle Them Effectively

A dental emergency often comes without any warnings. The unexpected suddenness of such incidents usually makes people feel more helpless. In case of any such unexpected and unwanted situation, your regular dentist must be your first point of conta...

how to keep your gums and teeth healthy
18 Feb 2019

5 Bedtime Tips to Keep Your Gums and Teeth in Sound Health

If you think the bacteria in your mouth sleep when you’re asleep during the night, you’re wrong. They keep working on your teeth to develop cavities, plaque, tartar and other dental conditions. Dr Furqan Ali, a leading dentist associated with ...

22 Jan 2019

Malocclusion of Teeth Along with Symptoms and Treatment Alternatives

Malocclusion of the teeth is more popularly known as misalignment of the teeth. This may trigger serious issues related to your oral health if ignored and left untreated. The problem is so common that it is referred to by various names including c...